Animal Health Week 2023

October 2nd 2023
This week is Animal Health Week and it’s an opportunity to make everyone aware of all the roles inside a vet clinic.  It takes a whole team to make a vet clinic run, not just the vet.  Everyone knows that a vet does, but do you really know about the team supporting them?

Our Client Care Advisors (CCA) are the people that will greet you on the phone or when you arrive at the clinic.  They will probably have a big smile for you, but an even bigger smile for your pet!  A CCA will book your appointment, recommend healthy pet food, weigh your best friend, and send you home with medications.  They also have to make sure that the waiting room and exam rooms are in tip-top shape.  The CCA team is the best at multi-tasking!

Veterinary Technical Assistants (VTA) are the ones to give your pet a hug during a vaccine or a procedure.  They make sure that your pet has a clean cage and lots of blankets.  Our VTA team will clean the surgery suite, help with inventory, and generally offer any assistance where required.  A VTA will wear many hats throughout the day.

Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVT) wear multiple hats too; they are nurses, pharmacy techs, dental hygienists, imaging specialists, and lab techs.  RVTs are licensed to practice in Alberta and are allowed to administer drugs, monitor anesthetic, and do vaccinations.  They are even allowed to assist in surgery.  Best of all, an RVT will know a lot about a pet’s medical history and have plenty of recommendations about medical care.

Without all these roles, a veterinary clinic would not be able to function.  A vet brings the knowledge to the team, but it takes customer service skills, practical experience, and a love of pets from all the other team members to make a vet clinic thrive.  We are so thankful that we have all these things at Falconridge Animal Hospital!

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